Your presence online should be a reflection of you and your vision.
Let me help you create a beautiful, functional website that communicates who you are as an artist, small business, or entrepreneur.


About web development services

With a Masters in Library and Information Science, I bring a unique perspective to web development and design. I’m passionate about creating a functional and intuitive user experience to help your visitors get the most out of your online presence.

With an eye toward design and an attention to organization, I create websites for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists. Using a custom form that you fill out, I help you think about your needs and what you want out of your website. I also bring my expertise as a writer and editor to improve and write content for existing sites.


What I offer

  • Platform: Choose your platform or let me select the best option for you. I have experience with Squarespace, Wordpress, and Drupal.

  • Design: Select color schemes and photos or leave the design work to me. I can also help design your logo or brand identity.

  • Content development and writing: Careful curation of your content and organization of your site. As a librarian, I use information architecture background to design the information hierarchy of your site. I also have experience with SEO. As a writer and editor, I ensure your site is well-written, error free, and grammatically correct.

  • URL: Get help choosing your URL, purchasing your domain, and making your site live.

Contact me for pricing, packages, and more information.


In addition to designing on the Squarespace platform, I have also developed the following sites.


Chris Farrell

For personal finance expert Chris Farrell, I designed and developed this site to highlight his past work and current appearances. I designed his logo and color schemes using his photos and content. is his first website.

Laura Randgaard

Executive coach and thought partner Laura Randgaard’s site ( entrusted me to design her first website on Squarespace using her photos in conjunction with purchased photography. I structured and wrote all content.

8 Bridges Workshop

Using the Squarespace platform, I developed the structure and user experience of this Photos from local photographer and logo designed by graphic designer.

Snapshot Stories

I developed and designed on a platform using both original and purchased photos.


PRG, Inc.

I applied user experience and SEO principles to restructure and edit content of this Wordpress site, as well as integrate social media.

For more information about web development, contact me.