For Children


"Fishing." (2016). In Sky Blue Water: Great Stories for Young Readers. University of Minnesota Press.
"Confession." (2015). In Love & Profanity. Edited by Nick Healy. Switch Press.
Confession. (2012, July 9). Weird Tales. Weird Girls website.

In each story, friendships and family moments possess an authenticity that transcends race, culture, and state borders, making it accessible to readers across the country. Contributors include Swati Avasti, Joyce Sidman, Shannon Gibney, Kristin Cronn-Mills, and Anika Fajardo, among others.
— Kirkus Review on Sky Blue Water

Nonfiction Books

The Debate About Homework. (2018). Focus Readers.
Hercules and His 12 Labors: A Mythological Adventure. (2016). Capstone Press.
The Dish on Food and Farming in Colonial America. (2011).  Capstone Press.


For Adults


"None Taken."  (2017). In The Beiging of America. 2 Leaf Press. 
"What Didn't Happen." (2015). In Brief Encounters: A Collection of Contemporary Creative Nonfiction. WW Norton. Edited by Judith Kitchen and Dinah Lenney.
"The Beginning of the World." (2015). In Oh, Baby: True Stories About Conception, Adoption, Surrogacy, Pregnancy, Labor, and Love. InFact Books. Edited by Lee Gutkind.
"Hidden Falls: A Love Story." (2011). 2011 Saint Paul Almanac. Arcada Press.
"Madison Metro." (2006). In Get on the Bus: Short and True Tales of Bus Travel. City|Space.

Among the 77 nonfiction pieces collected here, the personal tales by Anika Fajardo, Dinty W. Moore, Jim Krusoe, and Tod Goldberg best emulate the short-fiction strategy of hooking readers right away, building suspense, and finishing with a satisfying payoff.
— Publishers Weekly on Brief Encounters


English as a Second Language. Chautauqua. (2017).
The Scene As I Imagined It. (2016). Red Bird Chapbooks. (purchase the pamphlet here)
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Something Recognizable. apt: a literary magazine. (2015, May 25)
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