Services for Writers

Professional copyediting, manuscript critiques, and website design


Certified copyeditor


What does a copyeditor do?

A copyeditor is your manuscript’s first reader. She is an expert in grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, and style, but she is more than a proofreader. She reads your work from the perspective of the reader and watches for inconsistencies in language, logic, story, and setting. A copyeditor helps to ensure that your ideas are accurately conveyed to your intended audience and that your work follows style norms based on in-house guidelines or standard style guides such as Chicago Manual of Style.

What kind of copyediting do you specialize in?

  • Manuscript editing of:

    • Academic and professional reports and papers

    • Creative nonfiction and memoir

    • Essays to book-length

    • Children’s literature

  • Light to heavy copyedits

    • Light: Looks for grammar, spelling, punctuation

    • Heavy: Does the above and also edits for style, accuracy, consistency, and readability

  • Citations (Chicago Manual of Style, APA, MLA)

Contact me for rates. For an accurate estimate based on word count, you will be asked to submit a short sample (2-5 pages) of the work you want edited.

Anika is very thoughtful and kind.
— student from Loft Literary Center

Manuscript critiques

What is a manuscript critique?

A manuscript critique can help you shape a work-in-progress after you’ve done as much as you can. When you entrust your manuscript for a critique, you can expect:

  • your manuscript will get a close and careful read

  • an edit letter that will include any questions or areas for improvement, as well as suggestions for making changes

Manuscript critiques are based on word count. When you contact me about an estimate, please include:

  • 2-4 pages from the manuscript

  • total word count


Web services for writers

Why does a writer need a website?

A professional, functional, and up-to-date website will help a writer connect with readers and other writers. Agents, editors, and publishers often look for a writer’s online presence. A good website can serve as a public notice board for your publications, events, appearances, and latest work, as well as provide media with clips, high-resolution photos, and links.

Can’t I just create my own website on one of those easy website platforms?

If you have the time, energy, and good tech and design skills, the popular website development platforms will be easy for you to use. For others, hiring a developer means that the website is accurate and standardized, is well-designed both visually and for content, and (most importantly) gets done.

A few things you might not have experience in:

Website development for a Squarespace or Wordpress platform starts at a flat fee of $500, not including fees for hosting, domains, or add-ons. Please contact me to discuss your new website.


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