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Happy Mother's Day
Is there a moment that defines your childhood with your mother?

My flash nonfiction piece, Frozen Concentrate, appears today in Literary Mama. This short essay was inspired by a writing prompt from Brevity Magazine about mystery and memory. The prompt got me thinking about split-second memories from my childhood and my mother's orange juice making rose to the top.

Making orange juice from concentrate was, the way my mother did it, an overwhelmingly complicated task. She never defrosted it first, and had to run the can under hot water until steam rose above the white enamel sink in our rented townhouse.  Then she pried off the lid and sometimes let me lick the yellow slush. I remember its heady sweetness tinged with bitterness, a taste so intense I could never decide if I liked it or not. 

Tweet Your Way to Better Writing
Interested in what Twitter can do for you as a writer? Trying to figure out the purpose of social media? Take a look at my essay Tweet Your Way to Better Writing in the Loft's Writer's Block blog.

Distilling an idea into so few words necessitates knowing exactly what you want to say. In a traditional essay you are allowed various paths to get where you going... in a micro-essay, you must know the ending even before you begin.
Middle School Memories
"The thing adults forget about middle school is that it can kill you."
A few weeks ago I got an email from an editor at the website Weird Girls ("Goonies meets Poltergeist...with girls") asking if I had a story about middle school for their Weird Tales series. I was inspired to sift through my old spiral-ringed diaries from my middle school days--an activity that was part fun, part painful. The resulting story was "Confession," appearing this week on Weird Girls. Be sure to check out the story and also the wonderful illustrations. I hope there's a middle school girl (current or former) out there who finds some comfort in my story.