Camp for Writers

What happens when you get a bunch of CNF writers together at HippoCamp, a writers conference hosted by Hippocampus Magazine and held in Lancaster, PA? Lots and lots of personal stories.

As a first-time “HippoCamper", as conference attendees are called, the highlights of my weekend were reading alongside five other debut authors on the first night, sharing my thoughts on magical realism in creative nonfiction during one of the breakout sessions, listening to Jacki Lyden’s keynote address, and meeting many wonderful writers (especially those that I previously only knew by their Twitter handles via #cnftweet).

Hippocampus Magazine holds a special place in heart because they published two of my early essays, both of which appear in some form or other in my memoir. I’m grateful to journals like Hippocampus that support emerging writers and hosting events like HippoCamp.