Reviews and Lists

After so many years of writing in solitude, it’s exciting to know that people are reading my book. I’m so grateful for the kind words of reviewers, bloggers, and list-makers. Here’s a sampling of the recent praise for Magical Realism for Non-Believers:

Booklist says:

Fajardo revisits interactions and places with intricately remembered emotion, making for a delicious dive into the complicated, beautiful messes that love can make.” 

“Teen readers will undoubtedly latch on to Fajardo’s adolescent identity quest
These books, all released between March and May are enthralling and hilarious, captivating and heartbreaking, healing and illuminating.

Book blogger Anita Ojeda reviewed the book, saying:

Like a skillful artist, Fajardo paints layers of luminous understanding into the complicated portrait of family and country. “

We have all suffered from betrayal, misunderstanding, circumstances, and half-truths. And at some point, we must paint our own portrait of family and country that resonates with us.

The book appeared on Ms. Magazine’s April Reads for the Rest of Us list:

This compelling memoir examines family relationships, memory and identity.

Thank you to all of you who are writing early reviews. And if you’re just picking up the book, please review it (the more stars the better!) on Amazon or Goodreads. Thanks!