The Honor of Meeting Readers

It’s a magical thing to write a book and have it spark intimacy and conversation among strangers. Over the past month, I’ve had the honor of meeting readers at various events in libraries and classrooms.

My favorite part of book promotion activities is hearing other people’s stories. For instance, I recently visited the University of Minnesota Duluth at the invitation of writer Linda LeGarde Grover, who took me to dinner with a group of fascinating, smart, authentic IPOC women (pictured). The stories shared by these women and by the students I met were both strikingly similar and at the same time unique. There was the young woman who was adopted from Colombia. There was the woman who recently met her Mexican father for the first time. There was the student who was trying to find a way to connect to her father. These are stories that are similar to mine and yet different. The specifics are unique, but the experience of being human is universal.


We are all more alike than we are different. And our differences are what makes us interesting.