Fiction vs. Nonfiction

As I finish the latest (hopefully one of the last) rounds of edits on my memoir with my editor at U of MN Press, I am simultaneously working on edits for my middle-grade novel with my agent. The push-pull between fiction and nonfiction was the topic of this blog post from Lit Hub by Aminatta Forna, "The Truth About Fiction vs. Nonfiction."

Forna says, "When I come to a begin a book it is usually with a question in mind, something I have been thinking about and I want to ask the reader to think about too. What turns the book into a novel is the arrival of a character... with nonfiction when I start to write I believe I may have come up with an answer, an answer of sorts at least."

I chose to tell stories about identity and Colombia from two different perspectives: one based on my life and one based on a character. For each project, I have been circling similar themes, but the core questions I wanted to explore were different. Both my projects have questions and, for me at least, one of them is answered.