In praise of "Beiging"

In 2009-2010, I was so lucky to be part of one of the Loft Literary Center's most revered tradition, the Mentor Series. The Mentor Series pairs local and national mentors (accomplished writers and teachers) with small groups of emerging writers for a year of learning, workshopping, and camaraderie. Besides jump-starting my writing and connecting me with lifelong friends, the Mentor Series also introduced me to amazing writers with whom I was able to work closely, often one-on-one.

One of my mentors was poet Pablo Medina. His poetry and memoir made a huge impact on my sensibility as an emerging writer. He was an early reviewer of The Beiging of America. About the anthology, Pablo says:

"THE BEIGING OF AMERICA documents through compelling stories by writers of various backgrounds the struggles to overcome the “nobodiness” of mixed race people in this country. Moreover, it affirms, with a resounding clarion call, our place in the mosaic of race and color we call America. The Beiging of America is a redemptive book for our times."

Anika FajardoComment