Sky blue water for ALL Minnesota's children

The University of Minnesota Press recently announced it was recalling Sky Blue Water: Great Stories for Young Readers because of an error. The error was in the introduction in which the "discovery" of America was attributed to Columbus.

This may seem a small point on which to base a recall of thousands of books, but the Columbus myth is longstanding and harmful. When I was a teacher, I used the curriculum Rethinking Columbus in which students are challenged to rethink this myth and given the truth about this historical figure's arrival on the continent.

Words matter. Both the words published in error and the words spoken by the press. I'm proud to have my words included in this collection and cared for by these writers, editors, and community. This move is striking in that it supports the idea that the United States of America is for all children, no matter where we came from, who we are, or what our origins. It shows respect for all cultures and reiterates the power stories have.

Stay tuned for the details about a rescheduled launch party!

Anika FajardoComment