accepting rejection, rejecting acceptance

Last week I got several rejections both in my writing and personal life. (They stung, although none made me weep as they do sometimes.) They reminded me that I recently read a fabulous quote on Twitter from writer Daniel Jose Older:

If you're writing and submitting, you're getting rejected.

This obviousness and succinctness of this statement was what finally put the whole cycle of rejection and acceptance into focus for me. For years other writers and my friends and family have been telling me not to get upset about each rejection. But it didn't resonate until I read Older's simple words. A fact of life, is what he's saying.

Of course, I have also gained a new perspective on rejection, having recently received an acceptance. I was awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board grant for 2016 (meaning I will have to finally finish that book). A "yes" certainly takes the sting out of past "no"s.

Anika FajardoComment