The only constant is change

If you had been one of the squirrels that climb the outside of the chimney and peak in the windows of my second-story home office, you would have seen a lot of change lately. The walls are still adobe red and the Ansel Adams posters are still hung in cheap plastic frames. But a new desk (Ikea special) sits quietly in the corner as a newly dedicated writing space just for me. This plan to make space for writing necessitated a weeding of the bookshelf to include only the favorites (a battered Spanish-English dictionary, thirty-year-old thesaurus, You Can't Make This Stuff Up, and, of course, Analog Design) and the tchotchkes were reduced to a few framed pictures and an oxygen-producing plant. A cart that has held all my cut-apart drafts has moved locations but is just as messy. And just as soon as my office was reinvigorated as a calming (and hopefully productive) writing studio, I found out that I got the position I was hoping for. My new day job will require telecommuting from home. And so: more change. Now I am rearranging the cart to include work files and will add a second monitor to the big desk. New phone lines and internet cables will bring the little room far into the twenty-first century. Change, I realize, is what you need to move forward.


Anika FajardoComment