My mail is dropped through a slot in my front door and falls to the porch floor in a big messy pile. Yesterday, among the leaflets and bills, a large envelope arrived. It looked like one of those fancy "invitations" to donate money to a nonprofit. I almost didn't open it. Luckily, I did finally figure out how to tear apart the fancy cardstock because it turned out to be an acceptance letter from the Jerome Foundation awarding me a Travel and Study grant.

I requested funds to attend the Las Comadres Latino Writers Conference in New York City in September. I've never been to New York (except for a short stint when I was eight) and so I'm thrilled to see the city. And to attend the conference which has a great line-up, including a keynote by Esmeralda Santiago, author of When I Was Puerto Rican (a memoir I refer to often during my own memoir-writing).

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