I am not a poet, but I donated a poem to St. Catherine University's Poetry Translation Project for which students produced a lovely show of poems combined with visual arts. Each artist was assigned a poem and then created an artwork inspired by that poem.

Leaning Toward Immortality

It's about a sticky hand on your cheek,
the kisses that smell like sunscreen and hummus.

A Chopin glissando so breathtaking
you want to bury your feet in cool sand.

It's about a tender steak that tastes of grass
and alfalfa, sinew and sorrow.

It's about Rogers and Hammerstein lyrics that catch
in your throat with their goddam poignancy.

The good days and the bad ones and the moments
as mediocre as an all-you-can-eat salad bar.

It's about making certain you remember. That I do,
that she does, and him and her, and them over

there, until the memories are so real and visceral
you want to soak in them, wallow in them, drink
them, eat them, and maybe even smoke them.

Anika FajardoComment