I can't help but feel an ill-placed sense of pride at Colombia's latest FIFA ranking. They are now 3rd in the world behind Spain and Germany. I recognize this accomplishment, even though it has nothing to do with me, even though I don't really understand what the rankings mean or even the nuances of the game itself.  I'm not really one for soccer--or sports of any stripe, to tell  the truth. I was never any good at playing them and, as the daughter of a single hippie mother, never had much exposure to televised games.  My husband played a little soccer as a kid but doesn't follow any teams now. We have a child-sized ball somewhere in the backyard but our daughter doesn't even try kicking it. But when I see the Tweets and sportscasts, it is enough for me to see the yellow, blue, and red of Colombia's bandera and feel some sense of belonging to the great equalizer among nations.

Anika FajardoComment