Memoir in 130 Characters?

Creative Nonfiction, the most excellent journal and foundation from Lee Gutkind, publishes all manner of the genre from anthologies to essays. The journal's Twitter account (@cnfonline) also features "Tiny Truths" -- micro-essays told in 130 characters (with the #cnftweet tag). "Go for it. We dare you," they say on their website and I'm not one to pass up a dare.

They choose a couple favorites each day and here are my winning micro-essays:
My boss shows me a handful of broken knobs and snapped-off plastic clips. Do you need these? he asks. No, not those. #cnftweet
I'm playing Jingle Bells on the piano. Cut! says my 5 yr old. Take five! She returns in a ballet leotard. #cnftweet
Go for it. I dare you!