With my background as a librarian, researcher, curriculum developer, digital marketer, and writer, I bring a wide range of expertise to my projects.

website management

Creation, implementation, design, and content management of websites including:



  • anikafajardo.com

article writing

The Seasoner Magazine

Savvy Women's Magazine

content development & writing

This project is an example of creating new content in order to implement a content-based a digital marketing strategy for the agency. I developed the concept of a new section for the website (Parenting Tips). I devised the content strategy of this section and wrote all content, while staying within the confines of the existing legacy website. The content consists of "Parenting Tips and Tools" gleaned from information from practitioners in the field written for a general audience in a friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy tone.

social media

My experience in social media goes back to the days before Facebook had "Pages" for companies and organizations. In 2009, I built my organization's social media platform from the ground up starting with a Facebook "Profile," blog (via Blogger), and finally Twitter and Pinterest. More recently, I manage four social media channels by creating timely, organized and strategic posts to target existing and potential clients while meeting the goals of a complex organization.

book reviews

Review of Elinor Lipman's The Family Man (starred review)

In 2005 I began to write book reviews of women fiction for Library Journal. This writing is 170-180 words and written within strict style guidelines. Book reviews showcase my expertise as writing specific content for a clearly defined audience. I now also write book reviews for Publishers Weekly.

children's nonfiction

As a freelance writer, I have written two children's books. This work-for-hire included original research from both primary and secondary sources, outlining, drafting, working with an editor, and revisions. My experience includes writing for Lexile levels for assessment. This work exemplifies my broad range of writing and content development skills, as well as my comfort with working with editors, proofreaders, and designers.


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guest blog posts

"Journaling: Two Notebooks," After Page One Blog. Literary Mama. (2013, Dec. 2).
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Writing About the Self by Exploring Point of View. A View from the Loft. (2011, Feb. 14).

scholarly articles

College & Undergraduate Libraries

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